T grupp AS rules for ticket sale at the ticket offices and online


These Rules are valid for the sale of bus tickets at the ticket offices of the bus stations part of the ticket sale system of  T grupp AS and online at


1.1.      A standard format hard-copy ticket purchased at the ticket office or online at will serve as a document which gives the passenger the right to travel in a public transport vehicle.

1.2.      The ticket will indicate, in a legible manner, the number of the ticket, ticket price along with value added tax, the amount of value added tax, the point of departure and destination of the journey or the journey area, the number and name of the line, the time, place and date of departure of the public transport vehicle, the name and address of the carrier.

1.3.      Printouts of tickets are accepted on boarding buses of the following companies: Arilix OÜ, Bussipartner OÜ, Bussiproff OÜ, Eesti Buss OÜ, Ekspress Auto L OÜ, Forcen Grupp OÜ, GoBus AS, Hansabuss AS, Kalle Bussid OÜ, AS Lux Express Estonia, M.K.Reis-X OÜ, MK Autobuss AS, AS Hansa Bussiliinid, Presto OÜ, AS Sareta, Sirel Reisid OÜ, Taisto Express OÜ, Taisto Liinid OÜ, Vahesaar OÜ, AS Sarbuss.

1.4.      Arilix OÜ, Eesti Buss OÜ, Lux Express Estonia AS, AS Sarbuss and Estonian Lines accept bus tickets also electronically. (NB! SMS contains partial information about trip and is not considered as a ticket).

1.5.      A ticket purchased for a specific journey is valid only for the journey which it was sold for. The sale of tickets for Estonian internal bus lines begins 10 (ten) days prior to the departure of the bus and 30 (thirty) days prior to departure for AS Lux Express lines. The sale of tickets at ticket offices ends 5 (five) minutes prior to departure at the latest; the sale of online tickets ends 1 (one) hour (15 (fifteen) minutes for AS Lux Express) prior to departure at the latest.

1.6.      When a ticket is purchased upon boarding the bus at an intermediate stop, no seat availability shall be guaranteed by the coach operator. When boarding the bus after the initial stop indicated on the ticket, no seat availability shall be guaranteed by the coach operator.

1.7.      If the bus ticket is lost, damaged or destroyed, the passenger loses the right to travel in the public transport vehicle.

1.8.      A ticket which is lost, damaged or destroyed will not be replaced and the cost of the ticket will not be compensated for.

1.9.      A passenger who purchases a ticket for a public transport vehicle and misses its departure loses the right to use the same ticket on any other public transport vehicle. The ticket will not be repurchased and the cost of the ticket will not be compensated for.

1.10.   T grupp AS  is not liable for the regular services or the level of customer service of the public transport carriers.

1.11.   20 (twenty) cents service fee per shopping basket will be added to tickets purchased from the ticket office.

1.12.   Without written contract with T grupp AS, it is prohibited to resell tickets bought from ticket office, online store and from other T grupp AS sales channels. T grupp AS has the right to cancel tickets in which it has been determined that the ticket has been resold by person who doesn’t have the permission to do so.

1.13.   Paying for the Travel ticket, Passenger confirms that s/he has agreed Carrier’s conditions which are available on homepage and customer service offices.

1.14.   Carrier has rights to impose additional concessions and discounts on the price for the certain conditions:

  • different categories of concessions and discounts for different routes and departure times
  • different prices for travel tickets which may be sold Internet, at customer service offices and/or in the coach.


2.1.      Upon obtaining a ticket, the passenger must immediately check the correctness of the information on the ticket and the accordance of the price of the ticket with the amount paid; any latter complaints will not be considered.

2.2.      In case of tickets bought online the passenger must check, in addition to the information, the office hours of the ticket office (for the printing possibility) and whether the printed ticket is accepted on the vehicle in question.

2.3.      The passenger is obligated to retain the ticket until the end of the journey and show it to the driver of the public transport vehicle, ticket inspector or an official who has inspection authority, at their first request; the ticket must not be given into the custody of the driver of the public transport vehicle.

2.4.      The passenger is obligated to arrive at the bus station no later than 15 minutes prior to the departure of a bus (regardless of whether a ticket has been purchased in advance or not).

 3.         TICKET RETURN

3.1.      In case of a cancelled journey the ticket will be repurchased and the money will be returned.

3.2.      Tickets that have been bought from the ticket office/self-service and returned to the ticket office prior to the scheduled departure will be repurchased and the money will be returned according to the following rules:

3.2.1.  100% of the ticket price will be returned if the ticket is returned to the ticket office more than 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the departure.

3.2.2.  60% of the ticket price will be returned if the ticket is returned to the ticket office less than 24 (twenty four) hours prior to the departure.

3.3.      All processes regarding ticket returns and repurchase will take place during the office hours of the ticket office.

3.4.      The repurchase at the ticket office ends 5 (five) minutes prior to the departure of the vehicle and latter returns will not be repurchased.

3.5.      The return of tickets bought from the ticket office will be based on the original ticket at the ticket offices of the bus stations part of the ticket sale system of T grupp AS (Haapsalu, Jõhvi, Narva, Pärnu, Tartu, Tallinna, Rakvere, Sillamäe, Valga, Viljandi and Võru bus stations) according to the clauses nr 3.1 to 3.4 in the present rules.

3.6.      Tickets purchased online will be returned via

3.7.      The cost of a ticket purchased online, of which the refund fee charge 1.00€ is deducted, will be compensated for provided that a corresponding application has been submitted via return-ticket form on to T grupp AS at least 60 minutes prior to the departure. Later applications will not be accepted.

3.8.      The cost of the returned ticket will be refunded within 3 work days to the bank account of the person who paid for the ticket.

3.9.      If the journey is cancelled due to bus malfunction or other reasons the bus company is responsible for, the ticket purchased for this journey will be valid for arriving to the destination point by the same company’s different vehicle.

3.10.   Depending on rules laid down by the public transport carriers, a procedure of returning/changing tickets may apply which is different from these Rules. In such case, the rules established by the specific carrier apply.


4.1.      According to rules established by the carrier, it is not possible to return nor change tickets with campaign price.

Rules laid down by the public transport carriers are available:


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