Opening hours during the holiday

Sales point 22.06 23.06 24.06
Tallinn bus station* 7.00 – 21.00 7:00-19:00 8:00-20:00
Tartu bus station** 8.00 – 20.00 8.00-19.00 8.00-19.00
Haapsalu Cargobus 9.00-14.45 closed closed
Jõhvi Cargobus 8.00-19.00 closed closed
Narva Cargobus 8.00-19.00 closed closed
Paide Cargobus 9.00-15.00 closed closed
Pärnu Cargobus 8.00-16.30 closed closed
Rakvere bus station 7.30-18.00 7.30-18.00 7.30-18.00
Sillamäe Cargobus 9.00-14.00 closed closed
Valga Cargobus 9.00-15.00 closed closed
Viljandi Cargobus 7.30-16.00 closed closed
Võru  Cargobus 7:30-18:30 closed closed















*In Tallinn bus station you can also purchase ticket from self-service ticket office (open every day 5.00 – 1.00).
*In Tartu bus station you can also purchase ticket from self-service ticket office (open during holidays 6.30-20.00).

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Opening hours on August 20!

On August 20 Tallinn and Tartu bus station are opened normally, but Cargobus ticketing offices all over Estonia are closed. Happy holidays!

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Opening hours during Summer holidays

Tallinn Bus Station* 6.30-21.00  6.45-21.00 6.45-19.00 8.00-21.00
Tartu Bus Station 6.00-21.00  6.00-21.00 6.00-19.00 8.00-21.00
Haapsalu Cargobus closed closed closed closed
Jõhvi Cargobus 9.00-18.00 9.00-16.00 closed 10.00-19.00
Narva Cargobus 9.00-18.00 9.00-16.00 closed 10.00-19.00
Pärnu Cargobus 8.00-17.00 9.00-16.00 closed closed
Rakvere Cargobus 7.30-18.40 7.30-16.00 closed 10.00-18.40
Sillamäe Cargobus closed closed closed closed
Valga Cargobus closed closed closed closed
Viljandi Cargobus 7.30-17.00 8.00-18.00 closed closed
Viljandi Bus Station 7.00-17.00 8.00-17.00 8.00-16.00 8.00-18.00
Võru Cargobus 7.30-18.30 7.30-16.00 closed 10.00-18.30















*In Tallinn bus station you can also purchase ticket from self-service ticket office (open every day 5.00 – 1.00).

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Opening hours during 8.06

Tallinna bus station*  6.45-21.00
Tartu bus station  6.00-21.00
Haapsalu Cargobus closed
Jõhvi Cargobus 9.00-16.00
Narva Cargobus 9.00-16.00
Pärnu Cargobus 9.00-16.00
Rakvere Cargobus 7.30-17.00
Sillamäe Cargobus closed
Valga Cargobus closed
Viljandi Cargobus 8.00-18.00
Võru Cargobus 10.00-18.30














*In Tallinn bus station you can also purchase ticket from self-service ticket office (open every day 5.00 – 1.00).

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Opening hours on May 1

On May 1 Tallinn and Tartu bus station are opened normally, but Cargobus ticketing offices all over Estonia are closed. Happy holidays!

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Opening hours during 18.04 – 20.04

19. April
20. April
Tallinn Bus Station  6.30-21.00 6.30-21.00  6.45-21.00
Tartu Bus Station  6.00-21.00 6.00-21.00  6.00-21.00
Haapsalu Cargobus 
Jõhvi Cargobus  9.00-17.00 9.00-18.00 9.00-17.00
Narva Cargobus  9.00-17.00 9.00-18.00 9.00-17.00
Pärnu Cargobus 8.00-17.00
Rakvere Cargobus  9.00-17.00 7.30-17.00 10.00-18.40
Sillamäe Cargobus
Valga Cargobus
Viljandi Cargobus 7.30-17.00
Viljandi Bus Station  8.00-16.00 6.00-17.00  7.50-17.50
Võru Cargobus 10.00-17.30 7.30-18.30 10.00-18.30
















In Tallinna Bussijaam OÜ ticket system bus ticket selling offices.


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As of April 1st: an SMS with bus ticket info to your mobile phone for 10 cents!

The Internet environment offers an SMS info (bus ticket number) sending service for 10 cents starting from April 1st. A convenient opportunity to use the service in case the user lacks a possibility to write the bus ticket number down for printing.
The ticket must be printed out on paper when entering the bus. The ticket can be printed out using the bar code or ticket number from the self-service checkout machine at Tallinn bus station and self-service checkout stand at Tartu bus station during the opening hours of the stations. The checkout stands shall print your ticket out during opening hours (Haapsalu, Jõhvi, Narva, Pärnu, Rakvere, Sillamäe, Valga and Võru bus stations),  please provide them with the bus ticket number .
The bus companies accepting tickets printed out at home are Arilix OÜ, Bussipartner OÜ, Bussiproff OÜ, Ekspress Auto L OÜ, Forcen Grupp OÜ, GoBus AS, Hansabuss AS, Kalle Bussid OÜ, M.K.Reis-X OÜ, MK Autobuss AS, Mulgi Reisid AS, Presto OÜ, SEBE AS, Sirel Reisid OÜ, Taisto Express OÜ, Taisto Transport AS and Vahesaar OÜ.

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Self-service ticket machine now available at Tallinn Airport!

From last Friday, self-service ticket machine can be used at Tallinn Airport to purchase tickets to buses going to Tartu, passing Tallinn Airport en route, according to their schedule. You can pay for tickets, using card payment or credit, available under client contracts. You will find the schedule at by choosing Tallinn Airport as one of the en route destinations.

„Self-service ticket machines at the Tallinn Bus Station have operated smoothly over a month now and offering the same service to clients boarding from the airport was the next logical step. There have been situations of passengers starting their trip from the airport missing the bus, as it has already been sold out. This situation can be now avoided by buying a ticket from ticket machine,” told Sigrid Arus, member of the Executive Board of Tallinna Bussijaam OÜ.

It is also possible to print from the self-service machine previously purchased tickets using mobile phone or the Internet.

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The renovated Tallinn Bus station celebrates its opening!

On Wednesday, the renovated Tallinn Bus station is opened. The first renovations since its construction in 1965 gave the building together with a one million euro investment a whole new interior and exterior.

“I am happy that together with the constructors we managed to keep the deadlines set in the summer and that the renovated bus station is opened for the public in the prime time of the holidays,” said Andres Osula, Tallinn bus station LLC, member of the board.

According to Osula, 3.5 million passengers visit Tallinn bus station per year, which makes it one of the most important public objects. “This week we finished the last interior renovations in the cafeteria area and starting from Wednesday the automatic ticket booths will be operating aswell,” Osula added.

The renovated bus station is much more open to the light, compared to the original building, because earlier the whole wall on Odra street had no windows. There are approximately 100 seats (150 together with the cafeteria seats) in the new bus station building. There are three ticket offices, four automatic ticket booths, information table with two clerks, ATMs, cafeteria, flower shop and a R-kiosk in the waiting hall. Free WiFi is available during the opening hours of the waiting hall, that is from 5 AM to 1 AM.

The building renovated according to the project by Kai Süda and Risto Parve from KARISMA OÜ will be officially opened by Andres Osula, member of the board of Tallinn Bus station and Juhan Parts, the Minister of Economic Affairs and Communications.

During the opening events, singers Marju Länik and Birgit Varjun will be selling the tickets in the offices and actor Andrus Vaarik will be helping with the automatic ticket booths. Also, on that day only, a shoeshine man, played by Valdo Jahilo will be present in the waiting hall. The information screens at the bus station will be showing short videos from 1965 and about the finished renovation works.]

In collaboration with Jazzkaar, from 15:25-15:55 PM the passengers in the waiting hall have a chance to listen to a band titled Greip. Other concerts will take place on Tuesday and Thursday when Liisi Koikson and UMA will be performing. The bus station’s facade on Lastekodu street is decorated with red band and a rosette for the holidays.

The Tallinn bus station building on the corner of Lastekodu and Odra street was built in 1965 on the site of a former market. The building was constructed to celebrate Soviet Estonia’s 25th anniversary.

The renovation works of Tallinn bus station begun on June 25th this year. The construction cost all together was one million euros and the main contractor was Astlanda Ehituse OÜ. The station was partially opened for the passangers on November 9.


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Tallinn Coach Terminal to open its departures lounge on 9 November.

Extensive reconstruction of the Tallinn Coach Terminal have progressed to a stage where the departures lounge in the building may be opened for passengers next week. The full-scale refurbishment of the Coach Terminal will be completed at the end of the year.

“When we embarked on the upgrade of the Coach Terminal last summer, we set ourselves the objective of completing the work on the departures lounge within the first half of November as we planned the construction work,” said Andres Osula, Chairman of the Management Board at OÜ Tallinna Bussijaam, operator of the Coach Terminal. “At the moment, the work is on schedule, under which we will be able to open the departures lounge for passengers on Friday next week.”

According to Osula, in planning of the stages of the construction, the Tallinn Coach Terminal was guided by its objective of completing the larger-scale reconstruction work by the onset of the imminent cold-weather period. “Unfortunately, the cold temperatures that have set in unseasonably early this year, the construction work – yet to be completed – has been inconveniencing many passengers of the past few days,” said Osula. “In the meantime, until the departures lounge is opened, we are hoping for passengers’ understanding and would like to invite everybody to dress warmer as they go to board their coaches over the upcoming cold days.”

Also after the opening of the departures lounge next week, the ticket offices and cloak room, currently housed in the barracks in the area of coach arrivals, will remain in their current locations. “Definitely, we will post signs to this effect for guidance inside the Coach Terminal building,” he added. “Ticket sales and cloaking services will relocated inside the Coach Terminal building in mid-November.”

Work on the facade of the Coach Terminal building will be done in November and December. Also, smaller-scale work will be done inside the departures lounge, which will house an information counter, cloak room, cafe, florist’s shop, R-kiosk and ATM next to the ticket sales and self-service machines. The reconstruction work is due to conclude in the second half of December.

The current building of the Tallinn Coach Terminal was completed in 1965. The new exterior and interior of the Coach Terminal was designed by KARISMA arhitektid OÜ, with the reconstruction work costing one million euros.

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