Platform changes in Tallinn Bus Station

As of 1st of November platform no. 13 is closed.
Trips from 13th platform have been relocated to following platforms:

Trip Departure Bus company New platform
Tallinn-Riia 6:30 Ecolines 12
Tallinn-Kiiev 7:00 Temptrans 12
Tallinn-Kärdla (Luidja) 8:00 GoBus 4
Tallinn-Pärnu 8:45 Taisto 12
Tallinn-Pärnu 10:00 Taisto 12
Tallinn-Sankt Peterburg 10:15 Ecolines 12
Tallinn-Vilnius 11:30 TOKS 12
Tallinn-Riia 13:00 Ecolines 11
Tallinn-Vändra 13:15 Rapla Bussipark 12
Tallinna-Pärnu 13:30 Taisto 12
Tallinn-Pärnu 15:15 Taisto 11
Tallinn-Riia 16:15 Ecolines 11
Tallinn-Minsk 16:30 Temptrans 4
Tallinn-Pärnu 16:45 Taisto 7
Tallinn-Kuressaare 17:35 LUX 12
Tallinn-Vändra 19:15 Rapla Bussipark 12
Tallinn-Minsk 21:00 Vares Reisid 12
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Christmas Greetings from Tpilet

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Opening times during the holidays

Tallinn Bus Station is opened as usually – from 5am to 1 am every day. Tartu Bus Station is open 7 am to 8 pm on 24 to 26 December, 6 am to 8 pm on 31 December, 10 am to 9 pm on 1 January.

Ticket offices opening times:

Opening times of Cargobus sales points in other bus stations during the holidays:

When ticket offices and Cargobus sales points are closed, tickets can be bought online, from Tpilet mobile app or directly from the bus driver.

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Buy Christmas chocolate and do good!

There are Christmas chocolates on sale at the Tallinn Bus Station’s info desk and ticket offices in Tartu Bus Station. One Euro from each sold chocolate will be donated to the Estonian Paralympic Committee!

Via the Estonian Paralympic Committee together we will support sporting possibilities of people with special needs.

And there is more – each Euro will be doubled by Tpilet, which means that buying one chocolate gives €2 to the Estonian Paraolympic Committee.

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Temporary changes in Narva Bus Station

There will be temporary changes in long-distance bus stops and traffic arrangements due to construction works at the Narva Bus Station from June 26, 2017.  

Temporary bus stops will be located in the beginning of Pushkin Street.

Locations of temporary bus stops

Temporary traffic control around the bus station

Ticket sales will continue to take place at the Cargobus office near the temporary bus stops. Ticket sales is open Monday to Friday from 8 am to 7 pm and on Saturdays and Sundays from 9 am to 6 pm.

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Change of service fees in Cargobus offices

As of 1 July 2017  a €0.1 service fee will be applied upon ticket printing service at Cargobus offices. The service fee will be imposed for tickets bought online from Printing tickets from ticket vending machines is free of charge.

Please note that all bus companies accept also bus tickets bought from T pilet website and printed out at home. Also – when buying tickets using T pilet app, there is no need to print the tickets at all.

As of 1 July 2017 a €2 service fee will be applied upon changing information on Lux Express international tickets bought from Cargobus offices. Fee will be applied on any change made on the ticket. Please note that if you wish to change information e.g. on two tickets you have to pay €2 for each ticket.


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Change of service fees

As of 1 June, a €0.2 service fee (instead of former €0.1) will be applied upon purchasing a ticket from bus station ticket offices located in Tallinn, Tartu and Rakvere. The service fee shall be imposed per transaction – i.e. upon purchasing multiple tickets at once the service fee shall still be €0.2. Upon purchasing a ticket from self-service ticket vending machine, no service fee will be imposed.

The necessity to raise service fees is due to fact that the number of tickets sold from ticket offices has drastically decreased within past 2 years and the corresponding income does not cover costs of the service. Meanwhile, the service in bus stations is still highly needed to provide information and opportunity to buy tickets for those who prefer to buy them from the bus station as they go. In given situation, we must impose service fees to ensure the continuous provision of info service and ticket sales on all weekdays throughout reasonable working hours and to pay our staff a decent salary for the good work they do.

In order to minimize the influence of the change of fees to price sensitive passengers, the service fee is only imposed in ticket offices where self-service ticket vending machines are available as an alternative.

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Quick and comfortable visa service – now available at Tallinn Coach Station. Obtain your visa at T viisa!

From 01.12.2016 T grupp AS is offering visa service for passengers travelling to Russia and Belarus. T viisa is fast, comfortable and affordable – get a visa and see it yourself!

Visa applications and travel insurance booking are provided at T viisa customer service in Tallinn Coach Station from 9:00 – 19:00 from Monday to Friday. We also provide visa courier service which enables you to get your visa without leaving the house!

Check prices and conditions here!

In case of any questions or concerns, please contact T viisa by e-mail:  or by phone: +372 6 813 419

See you at the Tallinn Coach Station!

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Opening hours during the holidays

In T grupp AS ticket system bus ticket selling offices

Sales point 24.12 25.12  26.12 31.12 1.01
Tallinn bus station* 8:00-19:00 9:00-19:00 8.00-20.00 7:00-19:00 10:00-20:00
Tartu bus station* 8:00-18:00 9:00-18:00 9:00-20:00 8:00-19:00 10.00-19.00

*In Tallinn and Tartu bus station you can also purchase ticket from self-service ticket office

During the holidays Tallinn bus station building is open: 5.00 – 1.00 and Tartu bus station building is open: 6.00-21.00.

23.12 24.-25.12 26.12 31.12 1.01
Haapsalu bus station 9:00-14:45 closed closed closed closed
Jõhvi 8:00-16:00 closed closed 9:00-15:00 closed
Narva 8:00-16:00 closed closed 9:00-15:00 closed
Paide Cargobus agency 9:00-15:00 closed closed closed closed
Pärnu Cargobus agency 8:00-16:30 closed closed 8:00-14:00 closed
Rakvere 7:30-18:00 7:30-16:00 7:30-16:00 7:30-18:00 9:00-18:00
Sillamäe 9:00-14:00 closed closed closed closed
Valga 9:00-15:00 closed closed closed closed
Viljandi 7:30-16:00 closed closed 7:30-15:00 closed
Võru 7:30-15:30 closed closed 7:30-15:30 11:30-17:30
Tviisa in Tallinn bus station 9:00-17:00 closed 10:00-15:00 closed closed
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Exhibition of historic buses in Tallinn 3.-6.11.2016

Exhibition of historic buses in Tallinn 3.-6.11.2016

More info from event FB page!

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