Business client contract makes business trips easier and more efficient

Do you believe that you can do your Estonian-international business tasks with less (nerve) cost and bigger results by riding the bus? We want to prove it to You. offers luxury to reserve all Estonian long-distance-route tickets from one place- simply, comfortably and flexibly. Wherever your job takes You, to Pärnu, Kuressaare or Narva- You can use your driving time to work or relax but You don’t need to spend time for sitting in the traffic. Tpilet client contract brings more comfortable and effective bus trips closer and we make accounting even simpler.


Client agreement advantages

  • Opportunity to choose suitable service from almost all Estonian long-distance bus routes
  • Ticket reserving from Tpilet website or mobile application is very easy and quick process
  • Ticket price is never more expensive than buying at the ticket office or on the bus
  • Simple bureaucratic procedure, no need to collect and present paper checks
  • Payment at the end of the month with an invoice
  • Workers reservations are showed in an invoice and are clearly differentiable
  • Free cancellation of tickets up to 1 hour before the departure
  • It is possible to reserve fixed priced taxicabs to have even more comfortable business trips in Tallinn and Tartu
  • Joining the program is absolutely free of charge and there are no stationary costs

How does it work?

At first we create every business contract concluded partners private user account and password. To pay with an invoice You just have to pick „Paying with client contract credit“ and insert your user identifier and when you verify user and password, You will have a ticket in Your verified e-mail address.

It is possible to reserv tickets up to fixed credit limits. Opportunity to give as much as needed accounts to the company and create them different credit limits. At the end of the month we send an invoice where workers reservations are showed and are clearly differentiable.

How to sign a contract?

Write us about your wishes an e-mail address or by calling 681 3405

T grupp AS has rights to control the client credit ratings and previous consequent provisions from public accessible data collection and assess according to liability to taxations suitable contractual terms.

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