Change of service fees

As of 1 June, a €0.2 service fee (instead of former €0.1) will be applied upon purchasing a ticket from bus station ticket offices located in Tallinn, Tartu and Rakvere. The service fee shall be imposed per transaction – i.e. upon purchasing multiple tickets at once the service fee shall still be €0.2. Upon purchasing a ticket from self-service ticket vending machine, no service fee will be imposed.

The necessity to raise service fees is due to fact that the number of tickets sold from ticket offices has drastically decreased within past 2 years and the corresponding income does not cover costs of the service. Meanwhile, the service in bus stations is still highly needed to provide information and opportunity to buy tickets for those who prefer to buy them from the bus station as they go. In given situation, we must impose service fees to ensure the continuous provision of info service and ticket sales on all weekdays throughout reasonable working hours and to pay our staff a decent salary for the good work they do.

In order to minimize the influence of the change of fees to price sensitive passengers, the service fee is only imposed in ticket offices where self-service ticket vending machines are available as an alternative.

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